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  • SIEMENS BEIDE 1TL0001 series

SIEMENS BEIDE 1TL0001 series

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1TL0001 series motor is a newly designed high-efficiency low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, the shell is cast iron, suitable for continuous working (S1) operation. 1TL0001 series motors have the characteristics of high efficiency, novel structure, beautiful shape, low noise, low vibration, high insulation grade and so on. they can be used in many industrial applications, such as fans, pumps, compressors, textile machinery and so on. 
Through the use of 1TL0001 series motors, customers can save up to 10%, which is conducive to enhance the status of customers in the industry, enhance the competitiveness of their products! 
1) when ordering, the motor order number should be with "- Z", in addition to the optional number; 
2) this option cannot be selected for motors with rain shields; 
3) the second axial extension on the non-driving end is the same as the axial diameter of the driving end; 
4) for motors with seat numbers 180, 200, 225 and 280, the standard flanges of these seat numbers are full circle flanges; 
5) Thread hole dimensions refer to DB dimensions in the "shape Dimensions" section; 
6) cannot be used in conjunction with option L05; 
7) only for horizontally mounted motors. For IM B5 and IM B14 mounting structural motors, when selecting this option, you must ensure that the junction box is at the top of the base. Please consult Siemens for other types of motors installed; 
8) without fan and hood, the length of the motor will be reduced by Δ l. If you need to output according to the power rate on the nameplate, the motor needs external cooling. 
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