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ABB - HVAC motors

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HVAC motors

Motors designed to meet the demands of HVAC applications

Baldor's line of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Motors are designed with dynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration and quiet operation. The motors range in size from 0.18 – 75 kW (1/4 - 100 HP) and include heavy duty industrial designs as well as designs for commercial applications. These applications include ventilators, direct drive and belted fans, exhaust fans, unit heaters, air conditioning units, and commercial refrigeration condensers. Also included are motors designed especially for use with variable torque electronic controls that are used to conserve electricity.

Chiller/Cooling tower motors


Class F insulated motor with 1.15 service factor or higher that operates within class “B” temperature limits at rated horsepower. Corrosion resistant epoxy finish, double sealed bearings filled with moisture resistant grease, shaft seal/slinger, moisture resistant copper windings, double dipped and baked, stainless steel nameplates and corrosion resistant hardware. Designed for wet, high humidity environments. “ECTM” model Super-E® motors have NEMA Premium® efficiency and 3 year warranty. Direct replacement for most OEM applications. 


For use in the airstream on chillers and cooling towers.

Condenser fan motors


Corrosion resistant finish, ball bearings, dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Automatic reset thermal. Shaft 6” long - keyway and flat are 90° apart. Reconnectable leads in pulley endplate


Designed specifically for use on commercial refrigeration condenser units and air conditioning units.

Fan and blower motors


Heavy-gauge steel base, ball bearings, suitable for mounting in any position. Dynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration and quiet operation.


Ventilators, summer cooling fans, band saws, drill presses, farm equipment, etc.
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